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     Michael LeClerc and Con Gusto!
Restaurant experts, use experience, savvy, and critical thinking provide its' customers with advice and data that make a difference, fast. Timely evaluations and a customized plan will quickly prove the value of professional culinary consulting, and get results. We love the food service industry and the unique challenges it presents. In any economic climate, an objective professional can assist in creating the kind of business customers will not only support, but enthusiastically spread the word. Customer relations is the first and most important factor in the long term success of a business. Whether to expand profitability, or building value for a potential sale, Con Gusto! will diligently work to make a positive difference in a new or existing business.

Con Gusto!
USA # 435 513 1254
EU # 44 792 482 1795
Private Chef Services:
Create a unique healthy event for you and your guests. See About us for menues and ideas, or ask about our  details
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